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Natural juices made from pure fruits from valley of Kashmir, and we are proud to say these fruits are organic where no fertilizers are used and they are as close to nature as it could be, we are one of the three companies in world which have the unique filling technology, where the juices are also given 8- 10 mm of real fruits /cubes/dices so FRUITI is a kind of “DRINKING AND EATING JUICE”. fruiti

We have 3 exotic tastes

  • Fruiti Peach
  • Fruiti Mango
  • Fruiti Orange/mandarin

They are packed in Aluminum cans ,and we pasteurized them in a steam tunnel at 85 degree’s cel. to give them long life of 15- 18 months These juices contains no CO2 and just before closing , they are injected with tiny dose of nitrogen at mines 190 degrees this nitrogen expands and help the packaging to retain its shape and also make sure all the air is taken out and ensure no bacterial development inside the products will happen , which ensure long shelf life of the products.

Fruiti Peach Ingredients:

Peach pulp, Peach slices, Natural peach flavor, Citric acid, (E330), Vitamin C, RO water, beta carotene (E160a), and Stabilizer.

Fruiti Mango Ingredients:

Mango pulp, Fruit slices, Natural peach flavor, Citric acid, (e330), Vitamin c, RO water, beta carotene (e160a), Cloud compound and Stabilizer (e446), 20% natural juice.

Fruiti Orange Ingredients:

Orange Juice & Sacs , Sugar, Natural Orange Flavor, Citric Acid, (E330), Vitamin C, Ro Water, Sodium Benzoate, Salt, And Stabilizer, 20% Natural Juice.