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Milk with flavor, ‘NOT FLAVORED MILK’, its 100% milk imported from Poland ,from one of most technical advance dairies in Europe.

we have two tasty Flavors of MilkoVitamilkovita

  • MilkoVita Pistachia + Coconut
  • MilkoVita Almond

We bought special machines for packing , from Tetra Pak Sweden and our Packaging is unique i n the world and we are proud to say we are the first company using this ‘Prisma packing with caps . for flavored milk Huge money was invested in UHT technology (ultra heat treatment) As our main market goal was Asian And African Markets ,where temperatures are extremely hot The product is given a heat treatment of 130 dregess in closed object and then homogenized and then send to the filler ,Where its packed ‘Aseptically\ It simply means the milk never have any contact with human or with outer envoirment,during the production process , which ensures us perfectly bacteria free milk and thanks to this complicated process , milk dont Demand a ;Refrigerated; transport; and can be stored in cold and dry places with temperatures below 20 degrees This milk have shelf life of 6- 8 months Recipe and technology was developed in Germany.

MilkoVita Almond Ingredients

Recombined milk, sugar, Emulsifiers, stabilizers and Natural flavor.

MilkoVita Pistachia & Coconut Ingredients

Recombined milk, sugar, Emulsifiers, stabilizers,Colors and Natural flavor.