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Company Profile


King beverages industries (Pvt.) Ltd is an ISO 22000 certified and a subsidiary of Garland Bridge International, well known in Poland for its business of Food & Beverages distributions, Import, Restaurants & Aviation Industry. KBI was established in 2003 to manufacture Energy Drinks, Juices, Flavored Milk & other dairy products. We are committed, focused, and passionate & feel responsible to maintain and effective Food safety practices by implementing GMP & ensure conformance to applicable regulatory & statutory requirements to avoid unsafe conditions for our products.


In 2006 we invested in Beverage Industry in Kashmir ,this is region between Indian and Pakistani Border, the region was chosen due to some special offers made by the Local government and good power electricity infrastructure. Geographical location also ensures us we have perfect reach for both Indian and Pakistani consumers, Also Kashmir Valley is considered one of the purest and unexploited natural valley and have abandon of water source enough for few hundred years.

Our Factory

We bought all the technology of products from Germany and all the Machines were bought from Germany and Poland and Polish team of engineers were sent to do the install and training of our staff, we have three production lines where in we can produce about 8 kind of different beverages, all the recipes were prepared by German Technologists.