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She Energy Drink


This is the first ever Energy Drink specially made for women and only for women, Its have great blend of apple and veryshe prod img important for today’s demanding women. It is ‘LOW CALORIES’ Then we have added also Natural Herb ‘Aleo Vera- very expansive, priced about 130 euro /kg, this herb is very good for women skin, Recipe is imported from Germany, Long shelf life of 24 months.

She Energy Drink Can

  • Lower Tension
  • Relieve Stress
  • Enhance Stamina
  • Sharpen Reflexes
  • Strengthen Memory
  • Improve Vigilance
  • Stimulate Metabolism

She Energy Drink Ingredients

Water, Sugar, citric acid E330, taurine, acidity regulator sodium citrate, natural flavor,caffine, ammonia caramel E150 C, vitamin blend niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, Vitamin B2, vitamin B12, sodium cyclamate E952, Aleo Vera, apple flavor, apple concentrate and malic acid.